We want to make sure that plastic does not end up in nature - and we are working hard to reduce the use of unnecessary plastic and to ensure that plastic ends up recycled or reused.

Central to our efforts is a strategic partnership with WWF, which will lead to initiatives that contribute to solving the major challenges caused by plastic in the environment today. In 2018, we have taken the lead with two initiatives: introducing deposits on plastic bags in Netto to ensure a greater level of recycling and reuse; and phasing out plastic tableware in føtex by the end of 2018.

Our strategy on plastic

We need to stop the plastic pollution which is threatening our environment. That is why at Salling Group, we work towards a situation, where all plastic is reused or recycled and does not end up in nature.

That means removing all unnecessary plastic from our own products and wrapping, ensure the highest possible level of recycling and the introduction of new and more sustainable plastic products. At the same time, we will provide our customers with clearer information and more choice regarding plastic and packaging in general.

Our goals for responsible use of plastic

  • All plastic used for the transportation of our products to be reused or recycled by 2020
  • All packaging of own-brand products to be 100% recyclable before 2023
  • All disposable plastic to be phased out no later than during 2021
  • Intentional use of microplastic in own-brand products to be phased out.

Partnership with WWF Denmark

At Salling Group, we collaborate with partners that share our ambition to take responsibility for the world around us. On plastic, we established a five-year strategic partnership with WWF Denmark in 2018. This gives us access to knowhow and knowledge which helps our efforts while ensuring the continued focus needed to achieve the best possible results. 

Together with WWF Denmark, we will work to ensure that plastic from our goods, shops and from transport does not end up in nature. We will create initiatives to remove unnecessary plastic from our own products and packaging, ensure that as much plastic as possible is reused, and introduce new and more sustainable plastic products. We will also support the collection of plastic to alleviate the problems that already exist in nature today.

Deposits on plastic bags

In 2018, Netto became the first Danish FMCG retailer to introduce deposits for plastic bags. The investment in the deposit scheme will ensure increased reuse and better recycling when the bags are handed over in Netto shops instead of ending being thrown out after a single use.

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No more plastic tableware

By the end of 2018, føtex will be the first supermarket chain in Denmark to stop all sales of disposable plastic tableware. Instead, by January 1st 2019 at the latest, customers will be offered more sustainable and biodegradable alternatives, such as those made from sustainable wood or corn starch.

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