We want to make sure that plastic does not end up in nature. For that reason, we have set ourselves the target that all our private label packaging must be 100% recyclable and that the amount of packaging reduced by 30% by 2023. Our 10 Plastic Packaging Principles set the course to ensure we get there.

Salling Group's
10 Plastic Packaging Principles

We remove and reduce packaging when possible

We use mono material or compatible types of plastic

We use PET packaging when relevant and possible (e.g for food). In all other contexts, we use PP and PE

We use packaging where all components can be easily separated

We print directly on the packaging or use plastic labels

We use recycled material when possible

We use clear/transparent plastic when possible – as long as this does not affect shelf life

We clearly state how the packaging should be disassembled and sorted for recycling

We continue to use glass, paper and aluminium packaging as there are efficient systems for recycling these materials

We do not use biodegradable or bio-based plastic as we believe that food should not be used for packaging



A shared challenge to solve together 

The challenge with plastic is not limited to one part of the value chain or one company. That is why we at Salling Group have made our principles and operational guidelines publicly available for inspiration - so that we can work together to find the right solution. Find out more below.