A shared responsibility 

We cooperate with a number of organisations who all share our ambition to take responsibility for the surrounding world. These strong partnerships give us access to the know-how and knowledge that make us more diligent – and at the same time, our partners make sure that we reach our goals.

WWF Denmark

We at Salling Group have entered into an ambitious partnership with WWF Denmark. Together we will ensure that plastic from the stores does not end up in the environment as waste. At the same time, we have also committed ourselves to the goal of promoting ASC and MSC labelled fish products.

Animal Protection Denmark

In 2016, in the largest initiative for animal welfare in Danish retail to date, we entered into a partnership with Animal Protection Denmark to ensure more animal welfare at the farm, in the chillers and in the shopping baskets leading up to 2020. The goal is to increase sales of products with the highest level animal welfare by DKK 500 million.


When disaster strikes, we at Salling Group stand ready to help with DanChurchAid. In our stores, we help with the collection of funds for the humanitarian assistance that DanChurchAid provides in the event of disasters around the world.

The Danish Ethical Trading Initiative

Through the Danish Ethical Trading Initiative, we cooperate with companies, public sector organisations and trade unions in Denmark in order to promote international trade that respects human rights and labour rights.

The Danish Food Bank

As part of the fight against food waste, since 2014 we have cooperated with the Danish Food Bank, which receives surplus food from Salling Group's stores and redistributes it to vulnerable citizens. This amounts to around 200,000 meals each year.


In 2016, Salling Group helped to make the Nordic region's first supermarket with surplus goods a reality. Through this partnership, we are one of the largest suppliers to the Wefood shops, which are run by DanChurchAid and volunteers.

The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh

Through our membership of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, we contribute, together with a number of major international trade unions, brands and public agencies, towards the improvement of conditions at 1,600 suppliers' factories in Bangladesh.

amfori BSCI

We believe that we, as a global company, can play a role in improving working conditions in other parts of the world. This is why since 2006 we have participated in amfori BSCI, which supports retailers, importers and brands in the effort to improve working conditions at suppliers’ factories and farms.

Forest Stewardship Council

We are a member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Denmark. Through this membership, we have committed ourselves to always looking for opportunities to obtain FSC-certified products when we buy our own wood and paper products.