A strong foundation for sustainability

At Salling Group, we take responsibility for moving society in a sustainable direction, and based on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, we prioritise key areas where we see a particularly large potential for making an impact.

As Denmark's largest retail group, we are constantly exploring more sustainable and climate-friendly solutions with a particular focus on food waste, plastic and waste. Another significant contribution is creating opportunities for people who find it difficult to gain a foothold in the job market. We also prioritise activities that makes it simple and affordable for our customers to make responsible choices, such as animal welfare.

CSR reports

Find more information on our initiatives and results in our annual CSR reports. 


We collaborate with a number of organisations who share our ambition to take responsibility for the world around us. This includes partnerships with WWF on plastic, Animal Protection Denmark (Dyrenes Beskyttelse) on animal welfare and fødevareBanken on food waste. 

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Policies for responsibility

Our policies set a clear direction for how we want to run a sustainable business and provide employees, suppliers and other stakeholders with clear information on demands and expectations.

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Responsible procurement

We work with suppliers, participate in international alliances and train our employees to ensure that we operate in a way that supports ethical trade.

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Trace your tuna

When you buy tuna in Bilka, føtex and Netto, you can see the origin of the product. By typing in the unique number found on the individual tin, you can see in which area of the world your tuna was caught, which sort of tuna it is, which catching method was used, the name of the boat and identification of the captain. 

Trace your tuna