A good working life

In Salling Group, our working lives are fun days. Busy days. Educational days. Short days. Long days. Days which just hum along as usual. And days which are quite unusual.

Our 53,000 employees together with our customers and the goods we sell are the foundation of our company. Therefore, it is important that our employees are satisfied in their working lives, which is why we are working to ensure the best working conditions and career development opportunities, as well as educating the best managers in the industry.

Room for dialogue

To find out whether we are on the right track, we conduct employee satisfaction surveys and follow developments closely so that we are constantly improving. Every year, the feedback from employees leads to concrete action plans, both locally and in our HR department. Annual staff development interviews for all employees secures a structured dialogue about tasks, development and career opportunities .

Trainee programmes

In Salling Group we want to have the most skilled trainees within the industry. That is not viable unless we offer the most comprehensive and best trainee programmes.

Your development

In Salling Group we take pride in having the most educated managers and employees within the industry. Therefore, we always strive to offer you the best opportunities to develop professionally and personally in your job.

Store employee

As an employee in one of our stores you contribute to the improvement of everyday life – for both your colleagues and our customers.