An inclusive workplace

Salling Group is one of Denmark's largest employers. Being a workplace for all is a priority for us – both because we want to take social responsibility, and because we get the best basis to recruit skilled employees.

With jobs at all levels and across many disciplines, we have vast experience to offer everyone, regardless of background, the opportunity to contribute and develop their skills. 

In addition, we cooperate with municipalities and job centres to establish how people with special needs can be helped into the labour market - either in our stores or with another employer.

Our efforts include, among others:

  • 150 agreements with 88 municipalities concerning employing people on the margins of the labour market
  • 130 diversity coordinators across the country that support our stores to ensure the inclusion of vulnerable groups
  • Diversity partners in our HR team with specialised knowledge and experience, who work with municipalities and job centres
  • More than 40 people employed as part of the integration-basic training (IGU)
  • 12 local agreements concerning part-time jobs with a mentor for young people aged between 15 and 17

It is important for us to create agreements that ensure the best possible result for both the individual, for the company and for society. That is why our local agreements with municipalities differ in content and range, depending for instance on the efforts and priorities of the local job centres and on the number of stores and employees we have in the area.

We also collaborate with municipalities to make use of the options in the legislation for making a mentor available and/or using other support schemes. The extent of mentoring and support schemes depend on the size of the task and is assessed on an individual basis with the local municipality.


Equality is a prerequisite for being able to recruit the best talent. This is why we have strengthened our efforts in this area in order to live up to our own objectives. By the end of 2017, 58% of the managers in Salling Group were women, while women accounted for 56% of all promotions in 2017.

In the higher levels of management, however, a challenge remains; female managers account for only 14% of the total at directorship level and above. This share must be increased, so we have initiated new programmes to strengthen career planning for women and clarify possible career paths for our female talent.

Room for everyone

We believe that everyone has something to contribute on the labour market, whcich is why we are taking responsibility to ensure that we are a workplace where everyone, regardless of circumstances, can make a difference.

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