We are working for a non-smoking generation

At Salling Group, we want to make a difference for future generations by focussing on smoking and making it less attractive to take it up. This is why we have placed cigarettes out of sight in all our stores across Netto, føtex, Bilka and the Salling department stores, and are the first concern in Danish retail to do so.

This action is in line with the recommendation from the Danish Cancer Society, Heart Association and the Medical Association to hide tobacco away in the retail industry, which is a step towards ensuring that we in Denmark witness the first non-smoking generation in 2030.

Reversing the trend requires action

Almost every sixth Dane smokes, and according to the Danish Health Authority, an increasing proportion of 13-17 year-olds have started smoking over the past five years. As Denmark's largest retail company, we want to help reverse this trend. This is why tobacco is no longer visible in our 600+ stores – in line with recommendations from the Danish Cancer Society, Heart Association and the Danish Medical Association.

Less exposure works
In July 2018, Netto became the first chain in Denmark to place tobacco out of sight – and it has made a difference. In fact, sales of cigarettes fell by 9 percent in the following months, and in the Netto shops close to one or more secondary schools, and where customers largely consist of young people, sales of cigarettes have typically decreased anywhere between 12 and 39 percent.

A joint effort for a smoke-free future
If we are to banish smoking from future generations of young people for life, a broad effort is required. We are a member of Smoke-Free Future (Røgfri Fremtid), a partnership formed by the Danish Cancer Society and the TrygFonden. Smoke-Free Future is part of an international movement rooted in WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Through our membership, we are working to ensure that in 2030 we can witness the first non-smoking generations in Denmark.