Health is a priority to us – we work for a healthier future for children, young people and adults by a series of initiatives

First and foremost we want to sell more healthy products. As a large retailer, we have a responsibility to help keep people healthy through the food we sell. For our customers, it must be easy to find healthy options among our product range, and it should be easy to see what ingredients they contain. Of course, customers decide themselves what they buy, but we want to help people make healthy choices, should they wish to do so.

With a wide range of, for example, Whole Grain- and Keyhole-labelled products, a layout that makes it easier to find healthier alternatives and tobacco products kept out of sight for customers, we believe that we can facilitate healthy shopping. At the same time, there is much more to health than food.

Therefore, we are working within a wide range of areas towards a healthier future for children, young people and adults - supporting their physical and mental well-being.


In Denmark, 40 young people start smoking every single day. Therefore, instead of cigarette packets being kept temptingly on display, in all our stores tobacco products are screened and kept out of sight. Thereby, we follow recommendations brought forward by the Danish Cancer Society, the Danish Medical Association and the Danish Heart Association.

Furthermore Salling Group is a member of the partnership “Røgfri Fremtid” (Smoke-Free Future) that works to promote a 2030 smoke-free generation.

The first year of putting tobacco out of sight from customers reduced sales by 50 million cigarettes – equivalent to 2,5 million packets. A number that speaks for itself when it comes to the effect of screening tobacco.

Store lay-out

On a large scale we are rebuilding our existing Netto stores according to our new ‘3.0 concept’, where health plays an important role in the design of the store. Among other things, the fruit and vegetable department has been moved, so it is always the first area that customers pass through on entering the store. The layout has also been changed elsewhere in the store, so that unhealthy products do not tempt customers to make the usual impulse purchases near the entrance and at the checkout tills, with healthier alternatives being placed there instead.

Lay-out makes a difference

It is clear that the concept is making a difference. The fruit and vegetables sales share has increased by 11%, while the soft drinks sales share has fallen by 7%, and that of sweets, cakes and biscuits also by 7%. We are investing DKK 2.5bn in transforming all our Netto stores according to the new 3.0 concept by 2024.

Salling Group has partnered with Director of the National Institute of Public Health, Morten Grønbæk, with the purpose of investigating how to create an even healthier customer journey through our stores.