Enabling you to shop ethically and sustainably

At Salling Group, we work to improve everyday life. One of the things this means for us is that we will make it easy for our customers to choose healthy and sustainable products by offering a broad range at a competitive price.

We take responsibility for animal welfare

Animal welfare has long been a priority for Salling Group, and we have launched and participated in a number of initiatives to give our customers better opportunities to choose animal welfare, and we have set ambitious targets in this area.

Central to this effort is our partnership with Animal Protection Denmark. This is the most ambitious measure in this area in Danish retail, and it will ensure that up until 2020, sales of products with the highest animal welfare standards will increase by DKK 500 million. Through cooperation, we seek to inspire our suppliers to think animal welfare in their production so we can secure both a better selection and lower prices.

By ensuring a broad range and by openly communicating about the level of animal welfare, we make it easy for you to make an informed choice when you shop with us.  And we are well on the way. We are constantly increasing the number of products in our stores that are marked with the highest level of animal welfare.

Recommended by Animal Welfare Denmark

The label “Recommended by Animal Protection Denmark” is owned by Animal Protection Denmark (Dyrenes Beskyttelse). For more than 25 years, it has helped Danish consumers find food produced with the highest level of animal welfare. It implies that animals must have access to outdoor space and an opportunity to display their natural behaviour.

Today, around 430 Danish farmers produce goods under the label. On top of this, Salling Group offers a number of products from foreign producers, which you will only find in our stores. This includes the Løgismose chicken from France, lamb and mutton from Chile, and organic cheeses from the Netherlands.

In Salling Group’s stores you will find more than 150 products across meat, eggs, poultry and dairy which are recommended by Animal Protection Denmark. Our buyers receive on-going training on the label and continuously work to expand the range of products manufactured with the highest level of animal welfare.

National label for animal welfare

We have actively participated in developing the Danish label for animal welfare. The label divides products into three categories of one, two or three hearts, where three hearts indicates the highest level. This makes animal welfare accessible for more people – and ensures that consumers drive the development.

The label was introduced for pork in 2017, and since then the proportion of meat with the new label has grown steadily. Therefore, we are now working to spread the label to other products.

No eggs from battery hens at Salling Group

At Salling Group, we have been working over the years to phase out battery eggs, and in 2017 the last were removed from the shelves of our stores. It was a milestone in a long process – back in 2009 we were the first to change the labelling of battery eggs from ‘fresh eggs’ to ‘battery eggs’.

We are continuing with these efforts, and our next goal is to ensure that they are not used as an ingredient in our own production and private label goods by the end of 2019 at the latest.

Leading in organics

Salling Group wants to make it easy for consumers to choose organic. This is why we have been working on delivering a wide range of organic alternatives to conventional products at a good price.

Netto has been at the forefront in a number of areas and today sells more organic products than any other supermarket chain in Denmark. In 2017 the chain took another important step with the introduction of Netto’s own organic brand, ØGO, which includes150 items.

In føtex we offer the industry's largest selection of organic products today with more than 1,400 organic goods. The goal is to have 2,000 organic goods in 2020. 

We want to continue this development towards freedom of choice, which is why we have launched a three-year plan with the objective that all føtex stores in 2020 have an organic alternative to all products.

The Løgismose chicken – from niche to mainstream

The Løgismose chicken is reared in open areas in forests in the French Pyrenees and is certified under the French system of animal welfare labelling, Label Rouge, and recommended by Animal Protection Denmark. The Løgismose chicken today has overtaken conventionally farmed chickens in our Danish Netto stores, and is now the best-selling type of chicken.

The Antonius pig – more space to roam

The Antonius pig has been bred since 1986 by selected farmers in cooperation with Danish Crown. The Antonius pigs have 30% more space than conventionally farmed pigs and get fresh bedding every day. Also, the sows move freely in the sties, and tail docking is not permitted. Products from Antonius pigs have played a central role over the years in making animal welfare available to consumers at a good price.

The Salling Pig – raised on grass

The Salling Pig is a free range pig sold in Salling’s department stores – and the only pig in the retail sector in Denmark that is on grass all year. It is bred in large meadows and moved several times a year so it always has access to fresh grass and plants.