We take responsibility

Ongoing challenges in their everyday lives have a bearing on how our customers behave. From global warming and the increasing problems posed by plastic in the natural environment to resource waste, which includes food waste.

Neither politicians, businesses nor consumers can solve these challenges alone. It is a shared responsibility, and one which calls for joint action and coherent solutions. As Denmark’s largest retailer, we want to lead the way by helping our customers to better understand how they can act more responsibly and be more environmentally aware in their everyday lives. That we do by focusing especially on the Sustainable Development Goals 3, 12 and 13 – while at the same time inviting partnerships with others who are keen to support this challenge and take an active part in addressing it.

Strategy and reporting

We have always worked with responsibility and continuously evaluated our strategy, most recently our 2018-strategy. The evaluation has helped to create a stronger structure for our CSR-work, which rests on the entire foundation of our company; namely customers, employees and the goods we sell. Climate and health are the two priorities in our CSR strategy going forward, and based on those two priorities we continuously define a range of focus areas that support these.

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