Every day is a bit special

There are fun days. Busy days. Inspiring days. Surprising days. Pleasant days. Educational days. Festive days. Short days and long days. Days where we stack the shelves, have meetings with suppliers and say hi to the customers. There are also unusual days where nothing is quite the same, and where we meet each other and our customers in completely new surroundings. All of this is part of everyday life here at Salling Group.

Denmark's biggest company party

Some days are just a bit more unusual than others. Such as when we thank all our colleagues and hold the biggest – and probably best – company party. 20,000 colleagues participated at allin19, which took place on a June day in 2019. It was a day where people enjoyed the lounge areas, sung in front of the stage and chatted with each other across the entire company.

20,000 colleagues from across the whole country

There were no less than 300 buses to transport 20,000 employees to allin19. The employees came from near and far and were all transported to Aarslev by Aarhus, where allin19 took place.

A tribute to the inspiring tastes of everyday life at the Food Festival

What are Bilka bakers and Salling butchers doing at a festival? They are there for the Nordic region's biggest food festival. For several years in a row now, employees across the entire Salling Group have participated in the Food Festival at Tangkrogen in Aarhus, where bread has been baked, sausages grilled, juices squeezed, taste experiences shared and bouquets tied, all of which have attracted crowds of people. And all the while we have, of course, smiled and enjoyed ourselves with our colleagues.

Pick up the pace at the annual DHL Relay

As an employee at Salling Group, you are part of a larger community. This is especially evident at the annual DHL Relay. Every year, 7,000 colleagues grab the baton and walk or run the five kilometres to the finish line. In addition to a little sweat on the forehead, the relay always guarantees a fun day with laughter, fast times, sore legs, good food and pleasant company.

A good day at work

Every day we do our best to create a better everyday life for our customers. We get up early so our stores are ready to welcome the first customers, and we go to bed late when the last customers have gone home. Every day, we work to give our customers a good shopping experience. But a job at Salling Group is much more than that. We have fun with colleagues, help each other when needed and pat each other on the back when it goes well.