Your development

Salling Group's success is due first and foremost to one thing: our skilled and dedicated employees. This is why we attach great importance to your development — whether you are new to the labour market or have a long career behind you.We invest in programmes and facilities that help to make you as an employee even better at your job – or prepare you to take greater responsibility in the future.

Focus on your development

In the FMCG industry, things move fast, and we must constantly develop and adapt in order to maintain our strong position. For you as an employee, this constant focus on improvement means there is ample opportunity to transform ideas into action — and quickly see the results of your efforts. The challenging daily work life is combined with training and development for employees on all levels to ensure that you are developing in the best way possible in the job.

Large organisation provides plenty of challenges

In a large organisation like Salling Group, which operates across different chains and in four countries, you have a great opportunity to test yourself in a different role.  We consider our employees’ experience to be a great strength, and many of our managers and specialists are recruited internally. So, if you have the courage to take on new challenges – either in a different part of the business or on a higher level, we will support you.


At Salling Group, we train more apprentices than any other Danish company – 500 a year. We want the brightest apprentices in the Danish retail industry and we expect engagement, ambition, drive, team spirit and good humour. In exchange for this, we believe that we offer one of Denmark's best apprenticeship training programmes in an international company with good career opportunities.

Our apprentices follow an individual education plan through a process in which work in the store is combined with a stay at our own academy. Apprentice training is a powerful springboard for a career, and we recruit a large part of our leadership and key positions internally. In fact, half of store managers in føtex and section managers in Netto have taken an apprenticeship with us.

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The Salling Group Academy

We believe that practical experience in everyday life, combined with periods of professional training, provides a strong starting point for personal and professional development. This is why we operate our own training centre, the Salling Group Academy. Here, our employees participate in customised professional courses – and also get the opportunity to spar and exchange experiences with colleagues from other parts of the group.

A solid career foundation

At Salling Group, we have many employees under 18, and for many of them, we are their first employer. We are very conscious of the responsibility that goes with this, and we are committed to motivating, mentoring and engaging with our young employees in their daily lives.

For many people, the job in the local Netto or Bilka leads to an apprenticeship and later a career in retail. But in any case, we make sure we prepare our young employees properly so they can fare well in the labour market – with us or someone else.

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