Room for everyone

At Salling Group, we believe that everyone has something to contribute to the labour market, regardless of background, age, gender, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, physical condition or social circumstances.

At the same time, we believe that as a large company we are obligated to take responsibility in the labour market. Being an employer with room for everyone also gives us the best opportunities to recruit skilled employees.

With jobs on all levels and across many disciplines, we aim to ensure that everyone who wants an opportunity to contribute to the job market and develop their skills can get one.

A diverse workforce

An important focus area for us is to create opportunities for people who are challenged in finding a foothold in the labour market. We start out from the individual's circumstances so we can offer the professional experience and training that can secure lasting employment.

Today we have more than 1,000 employees hired with reduced duties or in flexible jobs, and we work with a wide range of organisations and schools to get more people into work. Furthermore, we have over 150 agreements with job centres and other partners in 88 municipalities.

Integration-basic training

Since its inception in 2016, Salling Group has experienced great success with integration-basic training (IGU). This is a paid basic course that aims to prepare the students for further training as a sales assistant, butcher or baker. The course is designed to help refugees between the ages of 18 and 40 to get a foothold in the Danish labour market, and it has been constructed in cooperation with the Ministry of Integration.

Salling Group was among the first employers to offer the IGU, and with a focused effort adapted to the individual, we have achieved a low drop-out rate during the course’s two years. Here the participants alternate between practical internships in one of our stores, language training and periods in our own training centre, Bøgehøj. We have chosen to provide all participants with the maximum eight weeks of courses, even though this is not a legal requirement. Also, we are the only employer that offers residential courses.

The focus is placed on, among other things, retail, sales and service, operations and finance, and the work environment. At the same time, the students are also familiarised with the Danish labour market via subjects such as workplace psychology, culture, self-understanding, cooperation with colleagues and planning.

After the course, each student receives an assessment of his or her competences, and if the final test is passed, then the way is clear for Salling Group’s apprenticeship training on an equal basis with everyone else. A total of 40 students have so far begun an IGU course.

In addition to this, Salling Group has a special focus on female refugees and their opportunities of getting into the labour market.

Mentored part-time jobs

In cooperation with a number of municipalities, Salling Group offers part-time jobs with a mentor – a scheme for young people aged between 15 and 17 who would like a part-time job, but who need special support. The target group is young people with, for example, learning disabilities, low self-esteem and social isolation, or who are experiencing challenges at home.

In this programme, young people are employed on equal terms with everyone else. They get to feel how their efforts make a difference – and they are rewarded for their efforts. At the same time, the young people are assigned mentors who support and provide guidance on a daily basis. After this, we find that, in the majority of cases, the young person continues in the job on ordinary terms.

Experience shows that these mentored part-time jobs often improve the well-being of the young person both at school and at home, while also increasing their self-confidence and improving their social skills. This puts them in a better position to become part of the labour market.

The programme was originally developed at Salling Group and Ishøj Municipality and has since extended to a number of other municipalities, including Copenhagen Municipality, where more than 550 at-risk youths have been employed in mentored part-time jobs since the scheme started.

People with cognitive disabilities

Salling Group cooperates with the national association LEV to create jobs and training places for people with cognitive disabilities in connection with a specialised secondary education (STU).

Our goal is to help more mentally disabled people find a permanent footing in the labour market through a job with salary subsidies. A shop or store job typically contains training of social, personal and, not least, professional competencies.

Since the cooperation was established in 2012, almost 300 people have been employed in a job with a salary subsidy. The experience has been very positive, and participants are experiencing an improved quality of life by making a difference in the labour market.

For Salling Group, we gain, among other things, the building up of a loyal and stable employee group that enjoy the routine-based tasks in the stores and contribute to a good and positive working atmosphere in the stores.

Language training projects in our stores

We have enjoyed good experiences in cooperating with language schools and job centres in a number of municipalities where we link language training with practical work in our stores. This secures a quick introduction to the Danish language, culture and work market.

Employees who participate in language training projects work in the stores in the morning and receive Danish lessons in the same stores in the afternoon. The projects last six months. After this, we evaluate the employees' linguistic skills and draw up an individual plan for their future development.

We were among the first companies to offer a language training program, and a total of more than 500 language interns have taken part in our stores.