Internship during your education

Would you like to supplement your education with work experience? Then an internship in one of the largest companies in Denmark maybe something for you.

Benefits for both parties

At Salling Group, we have interns in Commercial, Group Communication, Digital Development, Logistics, the Support Office and Business Development, among other areas. We do everything possible to ensure that both our interns and our departments get the best possible results from the internships. For our interns, this means receiving a high level of responsibility for their daily work, while at the same time becoming responsible for project work during the period.

The departments also draw upon the interns because they contribute with new input and new knowledge, for interns are often able to see work tasks with new eyes and come with experience from their studies. This helps to bring extra drive to the departments, as well as new thoughts and ideas.

Accelerate your future career

As an intern at Salling Group, you will have the opportunity to get your foot inside a big company and thus the possibility of also being hired by the organisation at a later date. Some of our interns are employed as student interns after completing their internships, others cooperate with us in connection with their bachelor projects, while some become permanently employed later on. In this way, an internship with us can help boost students’ future careers.

If you would like an internship at Salling Group, look for job vacancies.