Young people under 18

For many people, a job with us is their very first. This means that we have a great responsibility as an employer to motivate, engage, lead and prepare the young to cope with work tasks and operate in a workplace.

At Salling Group, we place a lot of emphasis on giving all employees a thorough introduction. As a parent of an under-18 employee, you also play a role, and we hope that you will support your child's first job.

Young employees in Denmark's largest retail company

The local Netto, føtex, Bilka, Carl's Jr. or Starbucks will probably be your child's daily workplace. Here the employees are part of a small team with a few, good colleagues. But in addition to the individual store, your child is also part of a larger company. Salling Group is Denmark's largest retail group with over 50,000 employees in four different countries.

The first day

Before your child starts in their new job, he or she will have received a link to our employee handbook. This contains the most important topics and guidelines that need to be known as an employee at Salling Group.

In order to get the best possible start, it is important that your child has read the employee handbook carefully before starting so he or she has a sense of what working at Salling Group is like. As a parent, you are, of course, also welcome to read the handbook so you know more about your child's new workplace.

Read the employee handbook 

Working hours

All employees have access to a 16-week work schedule in the 'myTime’ app, so they can always see when they need to be at work. There is always the possibility of changing the work plan with the line manager – and shifts can often be swapped with a colleague.

Busy periods, weekends, holidays and so on can also result in opportunities for extra work. However, we insist that work must fit in with school, which must always take first priority.


Salling Group is a member of Dansk Erhverv, and therefore follows the collective agreement for store employees. Salary is normally paid on the last working day of the month to the employee's NemKonto. A payslip will be sent directly to the employee’s e-Boks.

It is important that the young person has been assigned a NemKonto. It is also important that a tax personal allowance (frikort) has been activated and an e-Boks has been created. As a parent, we hope that you will be able to help with this.

Read more here (Danish): og

Occupational health and safety rules

Young people under the age of 18 are subject to the same occupational health and safety rules as everyone else. In order to provide added protection for young people, there are also some special rules for under-18s relating to working hours, holidays and safety. 

You can read more about these rules on HK's website  

Terms of employment and contract

Upon employment, your child is given a contract that both he or she and the employer have signed. There is no legal requirement for you as a parent to sign the contract, but you need to give your consent for the employment. This takes place through a parental letter that you will receive from us. Here you have the opportunity to object to the employment. If you do this, the employment terms with your child will be cancelled.

Social media

At Salling Group, we encourage employees to share pictures of moments from everyday life on social media. We have a policy for the use of social media and other media that contains a range of instructive advice to help pave the way for increased care and responsibility. Some good rules of thumb are:

1. You must want to share and not feel forced. It must be your own story.
2. Prioritise customers and colleagues. They are more important than sharing pictures on social media.
3. Be loyal. Talk positively about customers, the workplace, suppliers and colleagues.
4. Do not share sensitive information

What happens when my child turns 18?

When your child turns 18, he or she will no longer be known as a ‘young worker’, so some other rules in relation to salary and employment will come into force.
Many of our young employees continue in their jobs when they reach the age of 18, but unfortunately it is not possible for everyone. The employment contract will specify whether or not the employment is terminated when your child turns 18. 

First step on the career ladder

‘I just need to make some money’. Perhaps this is a phrase you have heard from your teenager. However, many under-18 employees gain the courage for more and see the opportunities to continue their careers at Salling Group. We take on more apprentices than any other company in Denmark, and we have arguably the best apprentice training. We give young people a solid springboard for a future career, if they show the desire.

Read more about our apprentice training