Starting in the store

At Salling Group, we have over 1,500 stores with many different job functions. Everything from the store manager and shop manager to the supermarket cashier, master butcher and master baker. Regardless of which store or what function you start in, it is important to us that you get off to a good start.

Thorough induction training 

From your very first day at work, it is important that you get a proper introduction – to the company, the chain, the store and the individual department. Your new colleagues will ensure that you are given a tour of your new workplace, meet your new colleagues and just show you properly around before work begins.
Your induction training can vary depending on the chain you are employed in. But common to all of them is a tailored training programme that prepares you properly to cope with the job in our stores.

Access to myWorkplace

As soon as you have been sent your contract, you will be invited to our internal job platform, myWorkplace. Here we have gathered a host of information that is relevant to you as a new employee in the group. You will find, among other things, some short introductory videos, selected e-learning courses and relevant links. Also, you will have the ability to update your own employee profile, just as you can check out all your new colleagues.

There are good reasons to get to know myWorkplace. We use myWorkplace for your future development, courses and goals.

Our values

Integrity, passionate, agile, competitive and efficient are our five key values that you, as soon as you have started at Salling Group, will become more acquainted with. The values describe what we expect of each other as colleagues, and what others can expect of us.

Read more about our values here

A part of a larger company 

When you are working every day in Bilka, føtex, Netto or one of our other chains, perhaps you do not think of yourself as working for a larger group. Salling Group. But the work you are doing is actually helping to make a big difference. Not only for our customers, but for the whole of society. A portion of the profit that each store helps to create goes back to society through donations from the Salling Foundations.