New in corporate functions

As a new employee at Salling Group’s head office, it is important for us that you get off to a good start. We know that a successful start helps to ensure that you achieve success in your new job – while creating greater satisfaction and motivation.

Structured onboarding

Depending on which function you are starting in, we have organised an onboarding process that is right for you. This involves the induction to your company, your new colleagues, an intro meeting for new employees in the group and ongoing meetings with your manager, all of which ensure that you get off to a good start in your new job.

Access to myWorkplace

As soon as you have been sent your contract, you will be invited to our internal job platform, myWorkplace. Here we have gathered a host of information that is relevant to you as a new employee in the group. You will find, among other things, some short introductory videos, selected e-learning courses and relevant links. Also, you will have the ability to update your own employee profile, just as you can check out all your new colleagues.

There are good reasons to get to know myWorkplace. We use myWorkplace for your future development, courses and goals.

Get to know the company better

Perhaps you already know the Salling Group pretty well. You shop in our stores, have read about us in the newspaper or know someone who is already working in the company.

If you want to get to know the the company much better, you can take a look around our website. Here you can read more about our history, our strategy and what we are all working for: improving everyday life.

Our values

Integrity, passionate, agile, competitive, efficient. These are five key values that you, as soon as you have started at Salling Group, will become more acquainted with. The values describe what we expect of each other as colleagues, and what others can expect of us.

Read more about our values here

Daily workplace at Aarslev

Salling Group's head office is located in Aarslev, Brabrand. Here over 2,000 colleagues have their daily working life – colleagues in Commercial, IT, HR, Marketing and more. The head office in Aarslev also houses Bilka’s and fotex’s central functions, while Netto’s head office is located in Køge.