A short path to more responsibility

Are you looking for new opportunities? We are a diverse group of more than 53,000 colleagues who work together across the store chains, web shops, restaurants and head office functions. With us, you will get a sea of opportunities, and there is a short path to more responsibility.

Application process

At Salling Group, we receive more than 140,000 applications a year. Here you can read more about how we process your application.

When you apply for a job with us, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you that we have received your application. If we want to talk to you in connection with the job you have applied for, you will hear from us within 3 weeks.

The person responsible for recruitment invites candidates who best suit the job profile to an interview. We use testing and profiling as tools when we evaluate applicants. This means that before the interview – depending on the position you are applying for – you might be asked to complete a problem-solving test and a personal profile analysis.

An interview takes about an hour, and we use the time to go over your personal and professional competences. If you have completed the tests, you will normally get feedback during the interview. After the interview, we will give you our response to the interview as soon as possible.