Your chance to present your innovative product idea 

As a result of Covid-19, nothing is as it used to be, and the pandemic has changed many things in society. In Salling Group, we have seen how customers can change shopping habits in a split second. In general, we see a trend of fast-changing shopping patterns and we are keen on following this tendency and ensure new, exciting products. Therefore, we are constantly chasing new products to our shelves, and now we give you and other innovators the chance to participate in this year's non-food Innovation Day 2020 on September 24.

Gain a competitive edge 
Innovative products can be difficult to understand and appreciate at first sight since many of them require more of the buyer’s attention than conventional products. We recognize this challenge with this Innovation Day by offering hopeful and skilled innovators a unique chance to increase the visibility of their innovative product.

We are open to all ideas!
Our stores are successful thanks to our creative products. We want to welcome and encourage all ideas to be submitted, including readily available products as well as product ideas to be developed in collaboration with Salling Group. Selected products will be evaluated based on what they add to the existing market, their appeal to Salling Group’s customer base, the degree to which they represent innovation, and their potential impact on Salling Group’s brand value and revenue. Please note that products that have already been presented to our Category Managers prior the event will not be considered in-scope for this event

Pitch your idea in front our experienced panel
Top innovators selected through the application process will be invited to come to Salling Groups HQ in Aarhus on September 24. This is your chance to pitch your innovative product idea in front of our experienced panel for the duration of 20 minutes. Due to Covid-19, the event may be virtual, but this will be decided on once we get closer to the Innovation Day.

Unlock the potential with unique exposure
We will recognize the exceptional achievements of our winners with exciting marketing packages, including marketing and/or in-store material support. Please keep in mind that the product or product idea should be a B2C product and fall under one of the Non-Food categories as described at the bottom of this page. Product ideas must be able to launch within 12 months from the Innovation Day.

Last year’s Non-Food Innovation Day

2019 marked the first year of the Non-Food Innovation Day and something that we looked forward to for a long time in Salling Group. By the end of the day, the winners were found and now, less than a year later, most of the products are alive and kicking:

  • Do you want a better and smarter way of finding lost things? Use Chipolo’s real-time location tracking with unlimited range, using GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and new LTE technology.
  • Looking for an all-natural ingredient and sustainable spray to fight insects? Green Hero Frost spray from Camro is used to combat wasp nests, bedbugs, moths, ants, silverfish, woodlice, storage pests, while remaining 100% free from poison.
  • You probably recognize how unreasonably difficult it is to fill a regular plastic bag in the garden, workshop, construction site, office or party. The Bagpipe is as a simple tool that makes bag-filling fast, easy and sustainable. See the movie at com.
  • Enjoy the classic HC Andersen characters in your everyday on another scale than before - Look out for LCD’s Thumbelina in Netto, coming soon!
  • Texas’ 3 wheeled lawnmower finally makes it easier to maneuver in the garden - Something we expect many have been looking for!

How you can apply

The application process will open on June 15. Please download the form in the list below, fill in the details of your product or idea, and send it to us no later than September 8. Please submit one application per product. Send your form to

If you are selected, you will receive an invitation by e-mail with the time of your appointment by September 15. Unfortunately, we cannot specify a time before then so please keep in mind that the appointment can be scheduled at any time during the day.

Non-Food products in-scope for the Innovation Day:

  • Home products: All for decorating and upgrading the indoor part of your home (excl. renovating). This includes products related to living (bed, bath, and decoration), interior (furniture, lamps, and sunshades), occasion (season and party), and kitchen (cooking, serving, and dining)
  • Electronic products: All indoor electronic devices including related accessories (excl. lamps). This includes small domestic appliances, batteries, mobile, PC, tablet, TV, and entertainment products
  • Garden & Leisure products: All within outdoor living, garden and plants and leisure activities (excl. toys). This includes products related to the garden, DYI, BBQ, garden furniture, travel, bikes, leisure, books, hobby, and indoor and outdoor flowers
  • Toys: Children’s toys, indoor and summer play
  • Textile: All within Mens wear, Womans wear, Children´s wear and Sports wear, including underwear, stockings, accessories and shoes.