At Salling Group, we want to maintain our strong position in all our markets. An important prerequisite of this is giving our customers the best possible shopping experiences and prices, while at the same time ensuring our warehouse and store employees have the best possible conditions to handle the products we sell in our stores and online.

This is why we want to work closely with you as a supplier, since you provide the basis for our business – the goods we sell.


Salling Group, Denmark’s largest retail group, once again invites talented innovators, suppliers, businesses, and everyone else to Innovation Day 2022. It will take place on November 3rd, 2022, at Salling Group’s headquarters in Aarslev, close to Aarhus, Denmark.

Innovation Day 2022 is a unique opportunity for the participants to present new and creative non-food products and concepts in front of a panel of experts from the various formats. The selected winners will be offered to be part of the group’s future product range on the shelves in Bilka and føtex.

Salling Group is looking for innovative products from around the globe. We are therefore also providing the opportunity for participants outside Denmark to boost the visibility of their creative products at Innovation Day 2022, by offering participation either virtually or in-person.

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Would you like to be a supplier to us?

If so, please contact us.

In order to efficiently process your request, we kindly ask that you provide the following in your email:

  • Contact information and contact people
  • Short presentation of the company
  • Indication of product categories and a brief description of the products

How to use the packaging instructions for suppliers

The packaging instructions manual is a tool for both our buyers and our suppliers and is the basis of all packaging discussions. There are many details you have to take into consideration as a supplier, so please read the instructions carefully.

The instructions will tell you as a supplier how to choose the right export carton, packing method and delivery method for the product, in close cooperation with the buyer.

The overall manual is breached into three separate instructions, depending on what and where you are delivering to.Please notice that each separate manual begins with a general overview of requirements for all warehouses (part 1 in all of the three instructions)

The three instructions (found in the list above) are:

  • Non-food suppliers - an overview of requirements for Non-food warehouses
  • føtex/Bilka food suppliers - an overview of requirements for Food warehouses
  • Netto suppliers - an overview of requirements for Netto warehouses

If you have any questions about the materials, please reach out to your contact person at Salling Group, or send an e-mail to one of the following:

Netto DK:

Here is where the goods are delivered

Before all the goods end up in our stores or with the customers, they are handled at our terminals and warehouses, which are strategically located around the country

Find the Addresses of our Terminals

GLN and Adresses for Stores and Warehouses