Here you can download logos from Salling Group and all our brands. Please contact us if you have any doubts about how you may use them or if you need a different type of file.

The Salling Group logo

We are a large company with a long history behind us. We are built on a strong foundation. You can find this foundation in our logo - in our foundational girders. This is the foundation the company stands on, and the foundation we are for our many brands.

The Salling Group design manual

Our goal is to make everyday life better. This is why we show the everyday just as it is. Our colours are also taken from what we see. The source of the colours are from Scandinavian culture and nature.

The design manual is for all of you who need to know how we situate our logo, the font we use, which colours we like and everything else that comes together to form our visual identity.

Franchise logos

Download logos from Salling Group’s franchise chains.