When you work at Salling Group, you are part of a group of more than 53,000 employees. Whether you are a new employee or have been in the group for many years, there are some rules and guidelines that you need to know. On this page you will find important documents and information that may be useful for you as an employee of Salling Group.

Employee handbook

Being employed at Salling Group has many advantages. In the employee handbook, you can read about some of the many opportunities and benefits we offer you. The employee handbook also contains the most important general rules.


Fitness for work self-declaration form

If you are or have been absent from work, and you have to fill in a fitness for work self-declaration form, then you can find it here.


Privacy policy for employees


If you think that a violation of laws or rules has taken place at your workplace, we encourage you to report what you know or are concerned about.

In the first instance, we encourage you to report to your line manager. However, you can also call Internal Audit on 8778 5000, or use our whistleblower scheme.

Via the whistleblower scheme, you can report, for example, on fraud, corruption, insider trading, discrimination, harassment, serious breaches of IT security and other serious matters. Your report will be handled by an external law firm, and you are ensured full discretion and confidentiality. You can even choose to remain completely anonymous.

Report incident