A strong financial foundation is a prerequisite for us to be able to invest in better shopping experiences and improve everyday life. Our strategy will ensure that our business grows and that we reamain in a string position in Denmark, Poland, and Germany. 

We have three main objectives in our overall strategy towards 2025

  • Poland: We want to increase growth 

  • Food online: We want to cover the Danes` need for online food shopping and expand this business area so that in the long term we will achieve market share in online food equivalent to the one of food sales in the physical stores. 

  • Develop our strong foundation: We will continue the positive development of all our store chains.

Increase growth in Poland 

Poland's economy is growing and personal disposable income for most citizens continues to increase. At the same time, Polish customers are increasingly buying their groceries in discount stores like Netto. We want to play an even bigger and more significant role in the Polish market and position ourselves among the fastest growing discounters in Poland. We will do this by opening several brand new stores while also refitting existing stores to our 3.0 concept. 

Food online

More and more customers are demanding easy solutions when it comes to meals and shopping. Good, varied and stable solutions for the food line are key priorities, and our target is to have the same market share online as that of the regular grocery stores which is about 35 percent. We see food line as a supplement to the regular grocery shopping in our stores with the purpose to make everyday life easier for our customers. For a start we will do this by developing BilkaToGo, Netto´s´Fillup and Skagenfood meal solutions.

Develop our strong foundation

We want to win our customers' hearts by continuously investing our profits in shopping experiences that create value for our customers. That is why we invest across Netto, føtex, Bilka, Salling and our franchises, Starbucks and Carl's Jr., in new store designs, experiences, inspiration, continuous improvement of quality, product offerings and affordable prices. By doing so we will remain constantly updated and attractive to our customers, maintaining our position as the Danes' preferred place to do their everyday life shopping.

The aim of all parts of our strategy is to make everyday life better for our customers, our colleagues and society at large.