A strong financial foundation is a prerequisite for us to be able to invest in better shopping experiences and improve everyday life. Our strategy will ensure that our business grows and we remain financially strong when investing in activities that help create value and inspire our customers in their daily lives.

We will create sustainable growth.

We have four main objectives in our overall strategy towards 2022

  • Maintain our strong market position in Denmark

  • Increase growth in Poland 

  • Boost e-commerce and create digital experiences

  • Enter new business areas and embrace food trends

Maintain our strong market position in Denmark

Denmark is clearly our largest market, and we will maintain our position as the Danes’ favourite place for everyday shopping.

The Danish market is characterised by fierce competition from both Danish and foreign retail chains, a dense network of stores and new consumer trends, which are increasingly challenging traditional retailing.

We want to win customers' hearts by continuously investing our profits in shopping experiences that create value for our customers. This is taking place in all our chain brands, Netto, føtex, Bilka and Salling, and our franchise brands, Starbucks and Carl's Jr. We will invest in new shopping facilities, events, inspiration, extended opening hours and continuous improvement of quality, variety and price.

Increase growth in Poland

Poland's economy is growing, and disposable personal income among the citizens is increasing. At the same time, Polish customers are increasing their grocery purchases at discount stores like Netto. We want to play a significant role in the Polish market by opening more shops, developing shop interiors and offering local produce and an international assortment.

Germany’s market has heavy competition with strong national retailers. We will maintain Netto’s current position as a well-established discounter in northeast Germany and focus on local products and an international assortment.

Boost e-commerce and create digital experiences

Customers increasingly complement shopping trips to the supermarket with online shopping. As a strong e-commerce player in Denmark, we want to meet our customers’ desire to use a trustworthy dealer. Anywhere and anytime.

We are continuously expanding our product range and improving the functionality of our existing channels:, fø, and Wupti. In addition, we strive to create simple and personalised shopping experiences across the physical stores and with purchases via the tablets in the stores, custom designed flyers, websites and apps.

Our ambitions for e-commerce extend beyond our own organisation. With Wupti marketplace, we offer manufacturers, niche web shops and other resellers an online platform with the familiar Wupti brand, where they can present their products and increase sales. With more than a million customers each month, we will make Wupti marketplace an attractive and strong Danish alternative to global e-commerce players.

Enter new business areas and embrace food trends

A busy life, new food trends and digital developments are helping to influence how people shop for, prepare and eat their meals. We are constantly looking out for ways to play a more active role in everyday life by helping our customers to plan, save time and become inspired to cook food in daily life. For us this means moving outside traditional retail.

We have already extended the space in our stores for more convenience products, such as ready meals and food that can be grabbed on the go. And together with our suppliers, we want to explore the area even more. We are also looking at different solutions, such as subscriptions and meal boxes; for example, in 2017 we acquired Skagenfood and launched click-and-collect groceries with BilkaToGo.

Convenience is an exciting trend we will continue to follow. The same applies to healthy food and sustainable products. We are strong when it comes to organic products and animal welfare, and we will build on this. In addition, we will use even more resources to get more "free-from" vegan, fair trade and other sustainable products. For we know that this is what our customers demand.