Values at Salling Group help create a unified company – across all chains and functions. The values express what we expect of each other as colleagues at Salling Group, and what others can expect of us.

At Salling Group, it is our culture and values that make us unique. Values are the foundation of our culture, and our culture ensures that we separate ourselves from our competitors. It is shaped by who we are, what we believe, how we work and our ambitions.

Culture in Development 

At Salling Group, we demand a lot of each other because this is what is required for us to maintain our strong position. As we grow, it is therefore natural that we help each other to uphold our unique culture.

Our culture is a strength when it comes to competing within the FMCG market and attracting the most skilled employees. However, we must continue to develop the culture in order to operate the healthiest business and respond to rising expectations, because we have an influence on the daily lives of millions of people.

Values creates confidence

Who we are and how we behave is crucial for other people’s confidence in the company. Whether you choose our stores. Apply for a job with us. Enter into contracts with us. Return time and time again.

Our five values are all important. We will not win your heart, if we only have competitive prices. We will not create growth, if we are only efficient. We cannot operate a healthy company, if integrity is the only thing we have to offer.


We build confidence through behaving properly, responsibly and honestly.

Above all, we have integrity. As individuals and as a company. Integrity rests on doing what we say we will do. Acting in accordance with our values. Keeping our promises. Complying with deadlines. Building trust.

Integrity is reflected in the way we treat each other and those we come into contact with. We are honest and fair to others, even when there are competing interests, and we share relevant information with our colleagues openly without compromising confidentiality.

As employees, we must dare to pose questions and fight for what we believe is right for Salling Group. When the decision is taken, we follow it loyally.

We carefully consider how our actions affect others. This does not mean that we will never take a decision that others disagree with. It means that we implement it with respect for others and minimise the negative impact as much as possible.


We are passionate about improving the everyday lives of our customers, our colleagues and the communities we are part of. Passionate is a strong term. But you can't lead without passion.

Being passionate means that we are passionate about what we are working with. Passionate about buying bananas. Trousers. Or budget planning. We want to know everything there is to know in our area of expertise. And we want to inspire others to do their best.

Our founder Herman Salling built the company with a burning desire to meet customer needs — at exactly the right time, with the right quality, at the right price and in the right place.

His passion lives on in us. We contribute with skills and enthusiasm to ensure that Salling Group achieves its objectives and ultimately makes everyday life better for millions of people.


We embrace change, adapt quickly to new needs and never stop learning.

The FMCG industry is dynamic, and we love it when things are moving quickly. We are flexible and agile. This means that we are constantly listening to our customers’ changing needs and responding immediately; all the while keeping an eye on our long-term goals.

We work together constructively when something needs to be changed. We look to develop through new challenges and tasks. Both as a team and as individuals. We find solutions instead of just pointing out problems. If we do not succeed, we use our experience to do better next time, and we never stop learning.

In our industry, the finishing line is moving all the time. We prefer continuous improvement rather than delayed perfection. This is how we have built Salling Group, and how we will develop the business.


We want to win in all parts of the business, seize opportunities and tackle challenges together.

There is no reason to hide it. We love winning and hate losing even more. Competition gets us to reach our very best, and we always want to see Salling Group surpass its competitors.

But competition is as much to do about surpassing ourselves. No matter what we do, we want to be better than we were yesterday. And the day before yesterday.

Being competitive means that we are passionate about achieving our goals and celebrating our successes. Not only as individuals, but also as a team.

Opportunities are not something we wait for. We create them. We seize them. And we do not give up easily.


We look for simplicity and strive to create productive and efficient ways of working.

Everything in the FMCG industry revolves around ensuring that customers get value for money, and that is why we have to be efficient. Organised. Focused.

We focus on the essentials and remove the rest. We choose simplicity over complexity and facts over feelings. We use each other's skills and experience to deliver quality on time and within budget.

We depend on everyone using the existing processes and channels instead of inventing their own.