A name with a long history

100% owned by the Salling Foundations

Today we are 100% owned by the Salling Foundations. That means that the profit from Salling Group is only used for two purposes: to reinvest in better stores, give more value for customers and create more jobs – and donations via the foundations for good causes that benefit us all.

In fact, the Salling Foundations donate approximately DKK 150 million each year to, among other things, food waste organisations, the harbour bath, education and cultural experiences.

A tribute to our founder

Our name, Salling Group, also pays tribute to our founder, Herman Salling. He was a visionary and an innovator, and the company grew with lightning speed under his guidance. For him, it was all about making everyday life better for customers.

We are proud of what Herman Salling created. Now we lead the company forward with an even clearer link to our history, but with the same ambition to create a world-class Danish retail company.

Much more than a supermarket

There was a time when Dansk Supermarked stood for good offers and lots of products on the shelves. We are still this. But today we are much more than that.

What started with a single store in Aarhus more than 100 years ago has since become føtex, Bilka, Netto, the Salling department stores, Wupti and much more. Today, we also have e-commerce, meal boxes, drive-thru shopping, coffee bars and restaurants. All to use in everyday life.

New name. But still 100% dedicated to making everyday life better

For us at Salling Group, it is all about everyday life. We know our customers and know what they need on a daily basis. Some days customers are looking for inspiration and experiences, while other days it just needs to be quick and easy to shop. And so both price and quality must, of course, be right.

Making everyday life better is good business sense. This is the legacy we have been handed down from our founder, Herman Salling.

Making a difference in everyday life

Salling Group is Denmark’s largest FMCG group today, and this brings responsibility. This means that we make it easier for our customers to choose more sustainable products – with a focus on enhancing animal welfare, organic production and reducing food waste and the use of plastic. Because we have 10 million customers each week, even small steps in the right direction can make a big impression.

But perhaps the biggest impression we can make is by creating job opportunities – across the whole of Denmark. Those who have the desire and courage will be given responsibility with us. Including those who need a helping hand to get started.