Own brands and private labels 

In our stores and online, we have thousands of goods. Many of these products are our own brands, which we have either created or developed in close cooperation with our suppliers. We are constantly introducing new products with a focus on making everyday life a little better for our customers. We grab the latest trends, and sometimes this even means entering completely new business areas.

Did you know, for example, that Salling Group sells just under 40 million pieces of clothing annually, or that we are one Denmark’s largest sellers of bicycles? Both our clothes and our bikes are developed and designed by our own people, which means that we at Salling Group today have a number of strong and completely unique brands that we are proud to be able to offer customers across all our chains.

Responsibility behind strong brands 

With thousands of products, we are fully aware that we are also making an impact on the world around us, which is a part of our everyday lives both now and in the future. That is why our products are produced with consideration for animals, people, the environment and our surroundings.

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Our own brands

At Salling Group, we produce a host of private label lines. Customers can find our own brands throughout føtex, Bilka and Netto, and we are proud to cover everything from canned tomatoes to detergents. Our goal is to meet all our customers’ everyday needs, regardless of price and quality.


Vores® is Salling Group’s biggest line of private label goods, and it contains everything needed in everyday life. We always have hundreds of different products to choose from, and the range is constantly being developed and extended. Before goods can be a part of Vores, one of the things we do is let our customers test and approve their quality. That's why we call them Vores (Danish for ‘Ours’).


With Levevis, we make it easy for our customers to choose the products that are good for both people and the environment. The Levevis line contains both organic groceries and a new selection of groceries that are gluten and lactose free. In addition, the line consists of a wide range of personal care, household and baby products that do not contain perfume. The products bear different labels that place certain requirements on the manufacturer and product, clear information about which can be found by the customers on the packaging.


Princip is for customers who do not want to compromise on the quality of their food. Princip consists of exquisite quality, gourmet moments and delicious flavours for every taste and for every occasion, and the line offers luxurious foods at competitive prices.


Budget is the name of our line of basic products at fixed low prices. The line is continually being developed from the basic idea of giving customers an inexpensive alternative within as many product categories as possible. Budget covers both food and non-food items, and the orange packaging means it is always easy to recognise.


If customers prefer products that are good to animals, the environment and the wallet, then they should look on the shelves for ØGO's products. ØGO is Netto’s very own line of organic products at good prices, and it offers a large selection of organic goods for all everyday meals.


VRS is our own clothing brand, and today it is a recognised fashion brand in the textile industry and sold exclusively by Bilka and føtex. VRS consists of a large selection of fashion wear, sportswear, everyday clothes, underwear, shoes and accessories for the whole family.


Premieur are high quality products for customers who appreciate good flavours and local delicacies from all over the world. Premieur is sold exclusively by Netto.


Salling Group is one of Denmark’s largest bicycle dealers. This is due not least to the fact that we have SCO, a classic Danish bicycle brand that Salling Group bought and relaunched in 2017, where both quality and design received a major boost.