Easy – and good

Some days it just needs to be easy to shop – and other days you want to be inspired by new taste experiences and recipes.

At Salling Group, we have something for all these days. We grab new trends and play an active role in everyday life today by helping our customers plan, save time and become inspired for everyday meals. For us this means moving outside traditional retail.

føtex food convenience

For days when shopping should be as quick and easy as possible, convenience is the key word. The føtex chain today operates a number of supermarket food convenience stores in the capital, where the range is adjusted to busy life in the big city. Here prepared meals, easy meal solutions, freshly baked bread and butcher-carved meat take centre stage in the stores.

Carl’s Jr. 

The combination of fresh ingredients, authentic American style and a well-known brand has really found its way to the hearts of Danish burger fans. Carl's Jr. has experienced massive growth in Denmark, where burgers are more popular than ever before.

Salling Group has had the rights to establish Carl's Jr. restaurants in Denmark since 2013. The restaurants are in attractive locations on shopping streets, close to the motorway or in one of our Bilka hypermarkets, which makes it easy for Danes to combine a shopping trip with a meal.


Skagenfood meal boxes

Meal boxes delivered directly to the door are winning more and more ground with Danes. Not only is it easy to unpack quality goods and put them in the refrigerator, but it also takes care of the difficult everyday art of finding the evenings’ and week's meals.

Salling Group entered the market for meal boxes in 2017, when we invested in Skagenfood and bought 80% of the company. Since the acquisition, Skagenfood has experienced enormous growth, with an increase in turnover of 50% in just one year. This positive trend will continue over the next few years with more innovative meal boxes and new food trends that will inspire Danes to exciting everyday meals. Day-to-day, Skagenfood is operated in North Jutland as an independent company.



A meeting over a good cup of coffee or one to go. Danes love good quality coffee, and as the official franchise partner, the group is operating a growing number of popular Starbucks coffee bars in Denmark, both in connection with føtex supermarkets and Bilka hypermarkets, and at exclusive locations like the City Hall Square in Copenhagen.